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Hello there, I'm from Brazil, I had to use a VPN probably because you guys hate for some dumb reason or one of my brothers came here to spread chaos, anyway, one of my hobbies is anthropology I always wanted to visit Russia, I think the scenery is beautiful, the culture fascinating, the language really interesting, is quite violent that is really my cup of tea (I really hate most European countries because they always comes out as a bunch of pussy faggots twats that are basically asking to be raped, but Russians are okay) and also, women.Tell me a good place to visit, some fun facts about the place. I've been trying to study more modern pop culture since most of my knowledge from Russia comes from ballet and erudite music, my Russian is also garbage, I only know privet and the little I learned from some girls I talked online.


Hey. I am 19 years old and nobody understands me.
Nobody wants to understand us born in the 21st century from the elders. We are losers, suicides and in eternal depression. We are maniacs and young nymphets. Well-groomed bodice, a blade through the veins, but we are getting worse …


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This place is cursed.


My English is bad, sorry. If you want to arrive in Russia you must visit Moscow and Saint Petersburg at first. Then you will underdstand what you want next.


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Buenvenido Hombre
Que vento de inverno
você trouxe aqui para o quintal da Internetas?


Soy no parkas de hablenas portuguesso.


Russians say "Moscow is not Russia". It's because living standards vary greatly. Saint Petersburg is a second city in country.


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Start like a normie and visit St Petersburg once the lockdown is lifted, it's pretty friendly for thise who don't speak russian. Aside from granny places like Petergof and number of church temples there are plenty of chill places like soviet arcade museum, lots of military and tech exhibitions (I'd recommend railroad and civil defense), Kunstkamera is a pretty cool anthropology collection, maybe take a roof tour or sneak to Cannoneer island loading dock. Vasileostrovsky port is pretty cool. When you get comfortable with the language, there are cool small towns like Penza, Barnaul, Kursk, maybe visit Voronezh at some point.


>, it's pretty friendly for thise who don't speak russian.
Mas muitos caras querem roubar você. Ja ja ja.


Шикун. Не вводи ньюфага в зооблуждение.


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>there are cool small towns like Penza, Barnaul, Kursk, maybe visit Voronezh at some point


Oh shit, here we go again…


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Sorry for my tardiness in answering the question, I had to go to sleep.
You can't believe, but Brazilians are actually really depressed people too; we just have a different way of dealing with our sadness I think, sadness a lot of times here is just another path to happiness. But I still think is okay to be depressed or suicidal, is probably better to express those things then let then build up, that's when they get dangerous.
I understand.See, I didn't want to go to big cities like that exactly because of this. I have some friends from Japan and they always say something like this, "Tokyo is not japan", and imagined it was the same. I can kinda get why, Rio is not really Brazil in a way too, but my favorite part of learning about new places is probably sulking in the people and how they think, not really how fancy your streets may look.

But still, Russia is gigantic, I'm sure there is a lot of really amazing stuff hidden in there, just not popular by any mean.
If the winter's wind in there is cold, Brazil probably would bring a hug to warm the heart, is normally how we roll.
And Brazil is hell, but as the inhabitants of hell go, we are not the condemned.
Sounds really cool, Kunstkamera sounds like my kinda of place, is weird but I really like those things, and the architecture is also pretty cool.

Russian architecture is really underrated, a lot of things are kinda underrated, but this is one of the ones that is more glaring to me.
It's okay speaking russian with me, I just translate it afterwards, I don really care. :3
Ha! That's okay, I know one or two things about getting mugged.


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>I have some friends from Japan and they always say something like this, "Tokyo is not japan"


Well, is what they say, I don't know whats so funny about it.


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Ну я совсем не подозревал, что они также заморачиваются с этим.


Oh, they do, I'm always lurking in some Japanese or Korean foruns, and more then once I've seen they fighting over that. Is 100% possible to be just internet bickering and far as possible from reality.

But for what I saw they say Tokyo is just a messy city, full of stupid weeb tourists and really with no cultural value, so in Kyoto and other places are the real Japan, because they have the temples and how people actually live in Japan, and Tokyo is nothing like that and Tokyo say there are nothing but "rednecks" and you have really nothing to outside Tokyo and other cities are full of Koreans and stuff like that.

Is fun to watch, but my Japanese is kinda garbage, I could have 100% lost the point in the conversations and be talking out of my ass.


Dear anon, I'm afraid it's the small imageboard. Maybe it's better to visit the biggest russian board 2ch.hk. But you have to be ready for trolls and haters of Russia.
If you don't want to visit Moscow I still recommend Saint Petersburg because it has old architecture. In other cities many buildings are gray squares from soviet era and modern glass malls.


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Perhaps the cities which have >1 millon people will be intresting for you too. For example Nizhny Novgorod. It has the Kremlin.


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And I'm not even joking

And all this tribe stuff is even sorted chronologically so you can track how different parts of world evolved.

If you're ever in Penza, there is military plant that masks as bicycle manufacture, named after Frunze, there is z tall 50 meter water column you can climb (I think it's still intact, bun in 2018 10% of stairway was in cracks), it gives you a great view of the city, and actual abandoned bicycle factory is pretty cool too.

Kursk is nice, but villages and rivers around it is the shit.

In Voronezh you better not be sober, you'd just miss half the fun. Better come in autumn, Platonov festival offers great deal of art exhibitions and concerts.

Novgorod is pretty cool


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>And I'm not even joking
No mesmo lugar ao vivo as pessoas whish são filhos de bodom. A partir de agora à espera nazi ataque alemão. não ninguna broma.


If someone will want to visit Voronezh it's preferably to do it after bombing when that city will be better than now, lol.


Neccesito shall calling to Hitler before to do so.


>And I'm not even joking
>de bodom
*de aborrecimento


It is the Russian culture that you should look for in some remote picturesque villages, in the city it is not a giveaway, globalization.
If you want to see fucked up, then you go to Ryazan
I advise you to listen to the group "Krovostok", if you want to feel the vibe of Russia after the collapse of the USSR
In General I have everything
I also apologize for the quality of the text used by the translator


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interesting thread



Hi there. I don't know what plases l can recommend for you. The football competition was cancelled, but russian women will glad to meet brazilian niger for BBC, l think. Actually, russians know not much about Brazil. I think Don Pedro and aunt Charlie live there. And there a lot of wild monkeys live in Brazil. Also all men in Rio wear white pants.
Good bye.



Merry Christmas and happy new year!


Не нищенка, а нищий.





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